1st enrolment at UPVM3


  • After having applied for and accepted the UPVM3 offer:
  • Reminder: distance learning applicants do follow the ParcourSup procedure: applications are made via eCandidat. Create an account and apply for courses on offer, following the agenda of each training course, consultable via the "Training Offer" section in eCandidat.





  • Administrative enrolment via the application IA PRIMO:
    If you definitively accept the ParcourSup offer between 19/05 and 12/07 inclusive, register between 08/07 (14h) and 17/07/2020 (12h)
    If you definitively accept the ParcourSup offer between 13/07 and 23/08, you must register between 13/07 (14h) and 22/07 (12h) or between 24/08 (14h) and 27/08/2020 (12h)
    For final acceptances from 24/08, registration must be made by 21/09/2020 at the latest


Read the notice IA PRIMO IN 3 STEPS

Administrative enrolment is complete once the supporting documents have been received and validated by the enrolment department.

  • Once your administrative registration has been validated, you may access your certificate of schooling through your ENT. You will also need to activate your IZLY account.




Last updated : 30/06/2020