Campus life

Making our campus sustainable and supportive

  • Increasing efficiency and partnership
  • Reinforcing commitment to a Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility approach
  • Strengthening equal opportunities
  • Improving on-campus quality of life

The Campus Life policy is based on 4 transversal and non-exclusive strategic priorities.

Firstly, improvement of the efficiency of services and stakeholders, while respecting the practices and objectives of each party. Action undertaken by the departments in the Campus Life centre (SCUAS, SUAPS, SUMPPS, SVE) is abundant, but often lacking in visibility and acknowledgement. We will seek to optimise use of existing or new resources, and to promote synergies by encouraging departments to work on cross-functional projects. The pooling of resources, whether material or human, will improve services for users while enhancing their value. We will also work to promote student associations involved in University life, supporting them (whenever necessary) towards greater professionalism.


The PVU Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility policy is built on four strategic priorities, of which that of a socially responsible and sustainable university. This priority is closely linked to the objectives and challenges of the Campus Life strategy. In this way, we seek to create the conditions for a sustainable and civic university: maintaining links with the local voluntary sector; increasing social cohesion and solidarity; promoting lifelong training... there are many individual initiatives within PVU departments and components in these areas. The challenge now, is to give individual initiatives overall coherence, by involving both staff and students. The process is guided by the awarding of the SD&SR label in 2018.


We regard equal opportunities in the broadest light: gender equality, disability, social and ethnic origins or financial inequality. Our aim is to combat all forms of discrimination and to provide equal conditions for academic or professional success for all.

Here again, the objective is to increase the visibility of existing initiatives by increasing channels through which students and staff can access information. Projects with external partners to complement internal actions will be further encouraged. Awareness-building events will be organised, be they one-off (dedicated days or events), long-term (workshops) or more global (festivals) in nature.


Improving the quality of life of PVU students and staff is one of the major challenges of Campus Life. Two aspects are considered: well-being: this is the perception a person has of his/her place in the University with regard to his/her physical, psychological and social status; "community living": means working on qualitative rather than quantitative aspects and developing a sense of belonging by encouraging and supporting interdepartmental or student-staff projects. Here again, particular attention will be paid to the coordination of current and future action, in particular that targeting workplace well being.

Last updated : 05/12/2023