Making the university a key player in the socio-economic world

  • Further professionalising study and lifelong learning solutions
  • Facilitating career guidance, support and professional integration
  • Promoting initiative-taking and new types of entrepreneurship
  • Encouraging promotion and transfer of research

Developing closer ties with the socio-economic world is a key development focus for PVU.  Supported by a recently established organisation, the strengthening of relations with the economic and social sector will foster university outreach to the professional world via several objectives: to introduce professionals to the University's study and research activities while bringing academics into contact with new socio-economic partners; to encourage companies and other socio-economic organisations (with stakeholders from the traditional and social economy); to identify new opportunities resulting from collaboration with University departments or laboratories; to make the University more accessible to the professional world. This evolution requires the strengthening of initiative-taking and intra and entrepreneurship which is humanistic and promotes a shared vision of the value of diversity.

 In addition to current action for career guidance and professional integration in order to facilitate employability, professionalisation of the training range will be pursued by developing work-study in the various Degree and Master programmes, and by increasing the number of professionalisation contracts and professionalisation internships. The development of VAE (credit for work experience) and use of best practices in the field of accompaniment and support for lifelong learning, will be key strategic priorities. In addition, the creation of a single CFA for Higher Education on site, will make it possible to open more apprenticeship training courses in new professional sectors.

 With the LLASHS disciplines, the University, through its relations with the socio-economic world, continues to promote the link between theory-practice and study, and promotion of research, in particular through the incubation of student projects. From the first year of university at Master and PhD levels, student initiatives, whether individual, cooperative, social, civil or humanitarian in nature, can be deployed in a variety of ways. The spirit of intra-entrepreneurship, currently initiated in collaboration with high schools via project management and management in general, will be pursued (Bac-3/Bac+3) at PVU, and further developed through the Pépite project.

 The creation of the SATT Ax LR should remove obstacles to innovation and transfer.  The University will pay particular attention to the position of LLASHS, and will promote projects that mobilise PVU capacity for high-potential, social innovation.  In addition to a number of well-developed projects in the fields of psychology, archaeology and medieval music, focus will be on emerging disciplines, whose dynamism we support: video games, performing and plastic arts, music and GIS.


Last updated : 20/01/2020