Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility


The notion of sustainable development and social responsibility has shifted from recommendation to legal requirement, encompassing economic, social and environmental factors. PVU adaptation to new "sustainable" legal standards in 2016, paved the way for the construction of a sustainable development and social responsibility policy, to which the University is wholly committed.  The policy has been further enhanced by the challenges and objectives of the Green Plan, the contribution of higher education to the 2015 UNO Sustainable Development Goals, CPU expectations via the Ecological Transition Committee and the MESRI, as well as PVU’s own resources, core values and capacity to engage. The process was designed around three strategic pillars: control of energy policy; reducing ecological footprint; pursuing conditions for a sustainable and socially responsible university. By contextualising the challenges of Sustainable Development and Societal Responsibility at all levels of the organisation - property management and administration, teaching, research, international development, Campus Life - and by making these challenges an integral part of future PVU development priorities, the University SD&SR policy enjoys a solid support base.  The success of this commitment is strongly conditioned today by digital transition and innovation, which now occupy a prominent place at the heart of all PVU missions and activities.

Last updated : 05/12/2023