Sport and physical activities

Tell us more about sport at PVU?

Sport in short:

The S U A P S (University Physical Activity and Sports Service) or Paul Valéry University Sports Department, provides all students and staff from our Béziers and Montpellier sites, with the opportunity to practice physical activity during the university year.

3 types of practice options are available:

Graded physical activity (open EPS): from a choice of 27 weekly activities on offer. The grade includes practical (12 points) and theoretical (8 points) parts, according to the semester (see Knowledge Assessment Methods, in the section "Graded Physical Activity").

Non-graded physical activity: from a choice of 37 weekly activities on offer. Following registration with the SUAPS, University students and staff can participate in all physical activities on offer.

Competitions (AS): competitions are open to students of all levels. Competitions are held during the week (mainly on Monday and Thursday evenings). See the "competition" section for further information.