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Logo ThéâtreOver 14 seasons, La Vignette Theatre has gained a fine reputation. This centre of contemporary creation, where the young generation of creators rub shoulders with internationally renowned artists, has become a place of reference in the national landscape. Articulating its artistic line with the great missions of the University (research, training and professionalisation), the theatre is an important meeting place and crossroads between the university world and the metropolitan territory.

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Located within the university, and part of the Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University Cultural Centre, the theatre deploys an artistic project which reaches out to both the city and the university community. For a theatre centred on research and transmission, the university environment is quite unique in the French cultural landscape.

From an academic point of view, the environment is that of a community of students, research professors and administrative staff, working daily to create a space conducive to fostering autonomous, responsible human beings.

From a metropolitan point of view, the environment is that of a city where culture, the arts and the university have forged privileged relationships through time.

The theatre is a place of university outreach to the rest of the city.

Thanks to the presence of the theatre, the general public can enter the campus to discover creations born within the university environment. This is also a place where artists, especially emerging artists, can present their work in a unique context, blending openness and expectation.

The theatre is also a hotbed of dialogue and debate, wherein intellectuals, artists, academics and students come together to explore the same themes. Located in a university with over 20,900 students and over one thousand professors and administrative staff, La Vignette Theatre offers something for everyone.

Since January 2016, La Vignette Theatre has become a national theatre for emergence and diversity.

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The artistic project - National theatre

Since 1st January 2016, La Vignette Theatre has been a national theatre for emergence and diversity. Accompanying independent performing artists, and encouraging the crossover of arts, languages and cultures. More generally, La Vignette Theatre is now part of a national network recognized for the high standards of its programming and the quality of its work with artists and the general public.
Pursuant to Circular No. 168110 of 5th May 1999 ("Guidelines for policy in favour of the performing arts / Aid to venues: national programme of contracted venues") at the initiative of the State, national theatres have been set up throughout France.
To date, there is a network of approximately 120 national theatres throughout France. The Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrenees region currently has 8 national theatres, 5 of which are in Languedoc-Roussillon and 3 in Midi-Pyrenees.


The key characteristics of a national theatre:

Supporting alternative and under-represented artistic forms.
Supporting creation, production and distribution of works.
Reaching out to the widest and most varied audiences.
Developing active and inventive cultural actions.
Such missions can only be carried thanks to the long-term stability of these institutions.
National theatres play a major role in the development of the national territory.
A vital contribution to the creation, dissemination, production and, more widely still, the culture of the performing arts.

La Vignette Theatre Team

The 2019-2020 student team, in charge of receptionMegan Raven (Vignette Bar) Alice Delplanque (public reception), Dylan Lormeau (ticketing).

And all those who contribute to the success of this project: artistic and technical teams, contract-worker show technicians, teachers from the theatre studies department, trainees, various university departments, caretakers and maintenance staff.

Partners / Funding

La Vignette national theatre is a service of Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University, funded by:

  • the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs for Occitanie
  • the Occitanie Region
  • the Herault Department
  • the City of Montpellier

Supported by the National Office of Artistic Dissemination 

La Vignette Theatre would also like to thank its partners:

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