Student engagement

The campus is lively place. Beyond courses, library study and exams, everyone should be able to fully exercise their civic engagement at the university.
Voluntary or militant action with a student association is a great way to exercise civic engagement.

Many students are already involved in the associative life of the campus. Consult the directory to find a student association just for you!

Why get involved?
Citizenship, outreach, networking, meeting new persons outside of lecture halls, using one’s skills, learning, etc.
Student action and engagement is also a way to acquire professional experience. This form of action allows students to develop new skills, through project management, administration of associations, terms of office as elected representatives, etc. Teamwork, animation, budget management, communication, creativity, innovation...  Associative life offers many applications!
Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University also promotes student civic investment through studies, including validation, under certain conditions, of a UE.

Look here to find some examples of student projects which are partially funded by the FSDIE. If you wish to invest in projects relative to general university policy, or just to find out more about the role of student representatives, read the student representative charter!

Last updated : 05/12/2023