University libraries (BU) accompany students in their study and research work.


Our libraries offer students, services and collections which evolve and improve every year.

Libraries are both physical places with extensive opening hours and, for the past few years, digital, and accessible 24/7. After identification, students gain access to numerous electronic resources (periodicals, electronic books, etc.).

Montpellier’s university libraries work as a network: the Inter-university Library of Montpellier  (BIU) is a documentation service serving Montpellier’s two universities. This extensive network gives students the possibility to consult or borrow many documents (1.5 million books in total), totalling most of the subjects taught in Montpellier’s two universities.

The 15 BU of the BIU are open to the general public, but students must be registered in order to borrow books. Members of the university community (staff and students) may borrow documents with their student card or professional card (known as the “Izly card”) in the BU of their choice, without any specific procedure.

Members of the general public (or “external readers”) can consult documents on site, but must register in order to borrow library material (see conditions here).

* Access to Saint-Charles library (BU) is reserved for students from Master 1 and Montpellier’s professor-researchers, find further information here


Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University libraries

The Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University campus hosts 3 libraries (BU): Ramon Llull   (Route de Mende), Saint-Charles  (Saint-Charles site) and Du Guesclin  (Béziers), as well as 24 associated community libraries, known as CDPS (Centre of Scientific and Pedagogical Documentation). A full presentation of the library network can be found on the site of the inter-university library of Montpellier .

A documentation charter details the policy for the constitution and management of collections.

The digital library is accessible from the BIU website (select the interface of PVU libraries ). Identification is compulsory for off-campus or WiFi connection (digital user identification of the ENT given by PVU at time of enrolment), in order to access all electronic resources.

The PVU libraries (BU) interface also gives access to a catalogue of all the printed documents available in the entire library network.

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Last updated : 29/01/2020