Culture and Arts policy

Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University is a place of culture, arts, exchange and global outreach.

Both a political project and a social mission, Culture is at the heart of our University’s action, and part of all we do. Culture runs in the University’s veins and is embodied in training and research.

Focused on the Arts, Letters, Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences, Paul-Valéry University offers an attractive range of artistic and cultural training options. This is evidenced by the significant increase in enrolments in artistic fields. Active, innovative research teams (ASM, CEMM, CRISES, IRCL, RIRRA 21, etc.) work together on the “20th  century heritage” labelled campus, which boasts some exceptional infrastructure (Libraries, La Vignette Theatre, Museum of Mouldings, Student House…) 

The creative abundance is, though, often overlooked by both the university community and its stakeholders, due to dispersion. Our creative assets must be united in order to foster new partnerships and enhanced visibility, through a solid cultural policy. The creation of synergies, in addition to improving the visibility of cultural action, should strengthen training and research, while facilitating student integration and professionalisation.

Economics research into innovative clusters, highlights the crucial role of universities and public agencies in deploying technological or creative innovation processes. The strong presence of research (universities, institutes and laboratories) and cultural activities (premium facilities, international festivals, dense artistic ecosystem) within Montpellier’s metropolitan area, and more broadly in the Occitanie Region, means we offer a particularly favourable playground for the emergence of a cultural cluster, in which the University plays a crucial role.

The launch of an arts centre became a strategic development priority for our University in 2014-2019, with the creation of the Cultural Centre, around La Vignette Theatre, the Museum of Mouldings and the Orchestra.

Our ambition is to become a reputed arts centre, recognised nationally and internationally for the quality of its work, its on-campus synergies, and its territorial networking potential.


Nathalie Moureau,
Vice-president of Paul-Valéry Montpellier University, Arts and Culture Delegate

Last updated : 18/12/2023