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1% arts investment

Site dedicated to the works under the 1% arts financing scheme, present on Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University campus.
With a description of each work and its location on campus.

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The artworks of the 1% artwork scheme

The artworks presented below have all been produced under the "1% artwork" scheme.

▬▬ Vasarely Portal

Artist: Victor Vasarely
Title of artwork: Portal
Location: Campus entrance on Route de Mende
Date: 1966


▬▬ Raimon Llull Library

Title of the artwork:
Location: Raimon Llull Library


▬▬ Rosace

Artist: Daniel Dezeuze
Title of artwork: "Rosace"
Location: Research building Marc Bloch
Date: 1995


▬▬ Graffiti MDE

Artist: Student in the Fine Arts department
Title of artwork: Graffiti Fresco
Location: Student House
Date: 2001


▬▬ Jacob and the Angel

Artist: Stephan Marsden
Title of artwork: "Jacob and the Angel"
Location: Lawn Route de Mende campus
Date: 1997


▬▬ Labyrinth

Title of artwork:


▬▬ Cyclopean Wall

Artist: Albert Dupin (1910-2005)
Title of artwork: "Cyclopean Wall"
Location: Route de Mende campus
Date: 1966

Monumental artwork created by Albert Dupin. Made from volcanic stones from Clermont-l'Hérault, near Salagou Lake, the lower wall is embellished with a series of pools. Rainwater is guided by the links of a series of chains, cleverly replacing traditional water pipes. This high wall is not defensive, it is simply an evocation of bygone times, when users would solemnly enter the University.


▬▬ Text

Title of artwork:


▬▬ Stained Glass

Title of artwork:


▬▬ The Dream Rests

Artist: Rémi Uchéda
Title of artwork: "Dream rests"
Location: Forum Amphitheatres A, B, C
Date: 1994

The Dream Rests, hosted in the covered gallery connecting the Forum's amphitheatres, defies commonly accepted definitions of comfort. Rémi Ucheda gives a judicious interpretation of benches in public areas, so common that one wonders who they are destined for and why... dreaming, waiting, resting. Unlike traditional benches, firmly fixed to the ground, some seem to have been placed on a convex base, ready to tip over. Interacting with spectators, The Dream Rests seem to direct behaviour. Users are free to use or thwart the creator's intentions.


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