Creation of international agreements


The UPVM3 has signed a series of agreements with partner universities throughout Europe, and worldwide.
Those agreements enhance educational and cultural opportunities for the students. They allow student exchanges, involve research projects and exchange of researchers"
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Consult the UPVM3’s international policy  resulting from a synergy between the specific approaches of our teacher-researchers and the thematic and geostrategic priorities of our institution.



You are an official representative or a teacher/researcher of a Higher Education Institution and you wish to set up an interuniversity cooperation agreement with UPVM3 ?

You can get in contact with UPVM3 International Office , providing  general information about your institution and the areas of interest of yourcooperation proposal .

UPVM3 International Office will provide you the contact at UPVM3 most able to respond to your request and  will also be your contact for administrative follow-up.

*If it is a project solely related to Research (joint research project, colloquium or seminar, co-supervision of a thesis, etc.), we invite you to contact directly the  Support service for research and phd study.


International interuniversity cooperation agreement can have different forms:

  • ERASMUS bilateral agreements (enable two partner universities within the European Union to exchange students (study mobility).
  • MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (establish the partnership between the institutions, then each activity is defined in a specific agreement).
  • INTER-UNIVERSITY PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT (establish the partnership between the institutions AND specify the staff and students exchange programme)
  • Specific Agreement: Double degrees, Off-campus diplomas
     (it clearly specifies the rules and guidelines as well as the financial procedures as applicable)

Each international agreement is signed by the legal representative of the institution and is managed in both side by a teacher/researcher who brings it to life and coordinate the specific activities.

Last updated : 06/05/2024