Digital ambition

Paul-Valéry Montpellier University of Letters, Languages, Arts, and Human and Social Sciences plays a key role in digital innovation. In particular:  

  • Because its fields of disciplinary expertise are essential to mapping interfaces and digital tools (geography for GPS, linguistics for vocal interface, foreign languages for automatic translation, etc.). In this way, it actively participates in the development of digital tools; 
  • With a range of disciplines which analyse technology interfaces and uses, from design plans to practical application. They document the real processes of mutation via concrete analysis of practices; 
  • As the University’s specialisation in the field of LLASHS ensures a bond between techniques and social uses, making things “meaningful”, and moving from IT to digitalisation, with a clear understanding of the societal, ethical and technical challenges.  
  • Digitalisation is seen from a cultural, artistic and ethical standpoint. 

With the Digital Humanities, Paul-Valéry University is firmly positioned as key player in the outreach and transformation of higher education and research.  

Last updated : 04/02/2020