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A university museum with an educational vocation, the Museum of Mouldings was created in 1890 to conserve and exhibit study collections linked to the teaching of Archaeology (plaster prints of sculpture elements, antique original objects, photographic collections). Inaugurated on the occasion of the 6th centenary of Montpellier University, the museum was located in the Palais de l'Université, home to the Faculty of Letters.
The purchase, in 1904, of Canon Didelot of Valencia casts collection made it possible to broaden the historical periods presented, by introducing medieval art.

The museum, which followed the successive relocations of the Faculty of Letters, was installed in the 1960s in a specially designed building in the heart of the new Paul-Valéry University.

The classification of the mouldings collection as a Historic Monument further confirmed its historical and heritage value, all the more so as the university museum is now unique in France. The preservation and enhancement of the university's historical heritage contributes to anchoring the identity and cultural singularity of Paul-Valéry University, whose campus was recently awarded the "20th century heritage" label.

To this end, the University renovation project for the Museum of Mouldings, has received scientific and/or financial support from external partners, aware of the historical and heritage value of the museum and the university collections: Regional Conservation of Historic Monuments - DRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, Louvre Museum, Barcelona National Museum of Catalan Art, Fabre Museum, Lattara Archaeological Site - Henri - Prades Museum, Labex Archimede, Languedoc - Roussillon Region.

The Museum of Mouldings, an educational tool and "ornament" of the former Faculty of Letters, is today a key part of Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 University. It is both a historical record of teaching and scientific research at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, a testimony to the development of the scientific community, and an actor in the cultural life of the university, thanks to scientific, artistic and cultural events regularly organised there.


Museum Team

  • Rosa PLANA, Professor-Curator
  • Marie SANZA, Administrative Manager of the heritage centre
  • Alexia SEGUIN, Manager of documentary information and heritage collections
  • Angélique GUIGNER, Non-tenured student
  • Marie JAEN, Non-tenured student
  • Lyubomir MALINOV, Non-tenured student


Scientific and cultural correspondents

  • Christophe CHANDEZON, Professor: activities related to Antiquity and the Digital Museum
  • Géraldine MALLET, Professor: activities related to Medieval Art
  • Jean-François PINCHON, Professor: activities related to Contemporary Art
  • Isabelle RÉGEN, Research Engineer: activities related to Egyptology


Partnership agreements

  • DRAC Languedoc-Roussillon/Midi-Pyrenees
  • Louvre Museum - Paris
  • Fabre Museum - Montpellier3M
  • Henri Prades Museum - Lattara Archaeological Site - Montpellier3M
Last updated : 02/03/2020