Culture and digital tools

Virtual museums, digital artistic creation, e-commerce in art... The multiplication of digital experiences in the world of culture takes on many dimensions and broaches the question of deep mutations in the relationship between the general public, the arts and places of culture.

In this area, Paul-Valery University, with its wide panel of training in artistic creation or culture-related subjects, or the cultural economy with state of the art research teams, assumes a key rôle in the deployment of technological or creative innovation processes.


An example: Paper Plaster Pixel exhibition: the quest for a virtual museum

Affiche de l'exposition PPP la quête du musée virtuel (Moulage de Gorgone)

Artistic and archaeological heritage exhibited goes from XVIIth century artworks to augmented reality, from the beginning of the XXIst century.

Last updated : 05/12/2023