War in Ukraine: Paul-Valéry University is organising support for students

As of Friday 25th February, Paul-Valéry University has formally expressed its solidarity with Ukraine.

Its International Relations and Francophonie Department immediately ensured that no members of its community were in countries directly or indirectly affected by the conflict.

A survey of students from these countries at the University was also carried out. 28 Ukrainian, 63 Russian and 8 Belarusian students were identified. All were contacted individually to offer help and assistance.

Since the beginning of this crisis, our University has been working hand in hand with local authorities and associations across the board.

Today, it has launched an appeal for solidarity and has mobilised its community (teachers, administrative staff and students) towards the implementation of two projects.


1 - Regarding the populations affected by the conflict

Our University works in close partnership with SOS Montpellier-Ukraine, an association supported by Montpellier’s City and Metropole councils.

This association is hosted by the Nelson-Mandela International Relations Office, located in the city centre (Esplanade Charles de Gaulle). It is appealing for local volunteer workers and for specific materials to be sent to Ukraine:

  • Sleeping equipment (sleeping bags, thermal blankets, pillows, tents, etc.),
  • Hygiene products (toothpaste, shower gel, sanitary pads, nappies, etc.),
  • Medicines,
  • Non-perishable food, etc.

Donations can be brought directly to the Nelson Mandela International Relations Office, where possible, already packed in boxes indicating their contents.

Contact: accueilsosmu@gmail.com


2 - Regarding students present at the University

In addition to a reception, assistance and counselling unit at the Students’ Office, a specific collection, assistance and solidarity service has been set up for all students from the war zone.

Many of these students are cut off from their families and in a precarious situation. Any help, in the form of donations of materials, job offers, hygiene products (toothpaste, shower gel, sanitary pads, etc.), or non-perishable food, will be welcome.

This collection point is at the solidarity grocery, building I, on the University campus, Route de Mende, Montpellier.

From Friday 11th March it will be open on Friday mornings for people wishing to drop off donations and on Friday afternoons for the students concerned.

Contact: solidarite.etudiantsdanslaguerre@univ-montp3.fr

With regards to potential accommodation offers for refugees, the University acts as a relay for the SINGA association and in particular for its  www.jaccueille.fr  programme, the scope of which has just been extended to the whole of Montpellier.


Last updated : 09/03/2022