Maison Des Étudiants – Student information centre

The student information centre is next to the campus, close to the Vert Bois university restaurant. Better known under the acronym MDE, the centre is managed by the student life service with a view to supporting social cohesion and citizenship on the campus. 


The dynamic team, from their dedicated premises, and hand-in-hand with campus associations, provide support for all aspects of student life through a rich and always free programme: festivals, cinema, theatre, concerts, etc.

You can equally come and do your shopping twice a week at the organic food market in the MDE entrance area.

You can find clubs or activities to join, take an active part in the MDE organisation or quite simply join in with any of the activities proposed.

University is a time to discover oneself, to share, meet others, create, innovate, help each other, think… in short, to have a great time and flourish!

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Last updated : 22/06/2020