SPRINT: “Creation of a quality European framework for student internships with the support of standardization”

Created in 2017 and supported by Paul-Valéry University, the SPRINT project aims to improve the integration of students in the labour market by creating a European quality framework for internships

Coordinated by Université Paul-Valéry, a European group of economic and trade union actors has developed, over a period of more than three years, eight quality criteria intended to provide a framework for the internships to which students are subjected. These criteria cover both the recruitment and support of interns and the systematic drafting of an internship agreement.

In addition, monitoring tools have also been provided: practical guides for host organisations and educational establishments, a self-assessment Internet platform on the proper application of the criteria or training for professional actors hosting trainees.

A European reference framework

Led by teams from the DAJI (Stéphanie Devèze-Delaunay, then legal director) and the DRIF (Christophe Rémond, Lionel Cabos and Marion Maire), the project was selected by the ERASMUS+ agency. Scheduled to last three and a half years, it was completed at the end of 2020.

SPRINT was presented as a working basis to the actors of the international ISO standardisation so that this European standard could become a world standard for the quality of internships. In addition to our university, which coordinated the project, six other European partners were involved: companies (Adecco Group, Internsgopro), institutions and higher education stakeholders (Eurashe, Uniser) and a trade union (Trade Union Youth Plus). The last partner to join the group was Afnor, the agency responsible for coordinating standardisation in France.

The SPRINT project in video

This video, intended to present the project on a national and international scale, was produced by the Digital Studio (Multimedia, audiovisual and data resource centre) of our University.


Last updated : 03/03/2022