An internship can be done during a Distance Learning (EAD) course. There are two types:

  • Compulsory internships are an integral part of the course. These internships award ECTS credits and are required for validation of the academic year. They are overseen by the pedagogical secretariat of your component. Please find further information hereunder.
  • Optional internships, if you wish to carry out an internship in addition to your course. These internships do not award ECTS credits They are overseen directly by the University Career Guidance and Professional Integration Centre (SCUIO-IP).


1. Regulations

The internship must take place within an academic year: between September 1st, of the present year and September 30th, of the following academic year.
Duration of internships must not exceed 6 months (924 hours).

International internships are permitted subject to the student’s social security cover. PVU has the right to refuse to sign an internship agreement in a country considered to be at risk by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The intern must produce a report and an assessment, and the university must do likewise. The procedures are set by the head of training.

Prior to the internship, it is compulsory that the student take out liability insurance. A copy must be given to the pedagogical secretariat of the component.

All students enjoy social security cover in case of occupational injury, whatever their social security regime status. This is maintained for the duration, and site, of the internship.

It is compulsory to give a payment for internships of two months consecutive or more (from the 309th hour included). This does not include paramedics and local institutions in French overseas territories.

In the event of several internships at the same position, an intermediate waiting period between each internship must be respected, equal to one third of the duration of the previous internship (for example: for an initial internship of 3 months, the intermediate period is 1 month).

External links

Practical guide to student internship – Site of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research

Decree 2014-1420 of November 27 2014 for the management of professional work placement and internships. 


2. Procedure for a compulsory internship

First, contact your head lecturer in order to submit the internship project.

If the lecturer approves the project: process and edit internship agreements directly via ENT, using the application Pstage (tab Career guidance Integration > Internships).

Once the internship agreements have been edited, sign the three copies and have them countersigned by the manager of the host organisation and by the future internship tutor.

Then, return the three original copies of the internship agreement to the pedagogical secretariat of the component, along with a copy of your civil liability certificate, at least 15 days before the starting date of the internship:

Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3
Route de Mende
34199 Montpellier Cedex 5

  • Contact the person responsible for overseeing internships at the pedagogical secretariat, to finalise the procedure (signature of the head lecturer and of the manager of the department upon which you depend).
    The first copy is to be kept; the second copy is for the host organisation.
  • At the end of the internship, please return the internship completion certificate to the pedagogical secretariat.

3. Referring  lecturers and numbers of hours

Licence and professional Licence
Referring lecturers


Number of hours


L3 Philisophy
L3 Classics
L3 Modern Literature


Discovery of a professional field.
Internship of 20 hours minimum

L3 LLCER Portuguese

Mrs Marie DUMAS                                  

26 hours minimum

L3 LLCER Modern Greek

Mrs Elpida GHAZAL

30 hours minimum

L3 LLCER Occitan

Mrs Mélanie LAUPIES

21 hours minimum

L3 Learning Sciences

Mrs Sylvie CANAT

20 hours minimum

L3  Language Sciences

Mrs Myriam HEMMI

20 hours minimum

L Pro. Mechanisms for Controlling
and Transmitting Digital Information                                                                          


420h (12 weeks)

Masters 1 and Masters 2


Referring lecturers


Number of hours


M1 Analysis of Media, Institutional
and Political Discourse (DIMIP)

Mrs Aleksandra NOWAKOWSKA

30 hours minimum

M1 Cultural Studies

M.  Maxime DEL FIOL

120 hours minimum

M1 Sociolinguistics and Linguistics-Educational
Policies (SOLIPOLE)

Mrs Bénédicte PIVOT

30 hours minimum

M1  French as a Foreign Language

Mrs Amandine DENIMAL

60 hours minimum

M2 Cultural Studies -
French-speaking - multiculturalism

Mr. Maxime DEL FIOL

120 hours minimum

M2 Digital Humanities, Digital Mediation
and Pedagogical Engineering (HUMANUM)


300 hours minimum

M2 Info-Doc IT Management
and Documentary Mediation


280 hours minimum

M2 LLCER Neo-Greek Studies


60 hours minimum

M2 Psychoanalysis


120 hours minimum

M2  Fine Arts Contemporary and Fine Arts Practices

Mrs Valérie ARRAULT

120 hours minimum

M2  Letters-Letters and Humanities Studies

Le directeur du mémoire

120 hours minimum

M2 Info-Doc Management and Digital
Information Valorisation (MAVINUM)


420 hours minimum


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