Follow my enrolment by internet

After administrative registration, please follow the procedure:

  • Either through PJ WEB :
    Connect at any time, with student number and date of birth.
  • Or, via ENT, section “Follow my web enrolment”, once the account has been activated:
    Connect at any time, with student n° and date of birth.

Enrolment will only be validated by the enrolment department once all the supporting documents have been processed.
If we do not receive the documents, or if the file is incomplete, enrolment will be invalidated.
Once enrolment has been validated by the enrolment department, you will be given access to the university attendance certificate via ENT: you may then collect your student card.




1st enrolment at UPVM3


  • ID (national ID card or French passport)
  • National defence and citizenship day certificate (ages 18-25)
  • Baccalaureate transcript (if you have obtained the French Baccalaureate - screen shot not accepted), Diploma of Access to University Studies (DAEU), law degree, French diploma accepted as an exemption, foreign diploma admitted as an equivalence, validation of prior experience.
  • Certificate(s) of annual results or diploma(s) justifying the level required for access to the training course (with  certified translation if the document(s) is (are) not in French) - This document does not concern students who are enrolling only in the 1st year of a Licence degree, DUT or 1st year level university diploma.
  • 1 recent passport photo (max 2 Mo, JPG, JPEG or PNG format)

Additional supporting documents may be requested, according to your individual situation.



Students from outside the EU


  • For foreign students: 1 birth certificate (with the certified translation of the birth certificate, if the document is not in French)
  • For non-EU students (all countries except EU/EEA/Switzerland/Andorra/Monaco/United Kingdom)
    Presentation of a supporting document according to your individual situation will enable you not to be subject to differential rights:
    Supporting documents (according to individual situation):
    -You were enrolled in higher education in France in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020: schooling certificate 2018-2019 and 2019-2020
    - You were receiving a scholarship from the French Government: French government scholarship certificate
    - You were receiving an embassy scholarship: embassy scholarship certificate
    - Resident’s permit, both sides
    1. If member of family of a citizen from EU/EEA/Switzerland
    2. If asylum-seeker or beneficiary of subsidiary protection (or child of)
    3. If long-term resident (or his/her minor child)
    4. Certificate of Algerian residence or directive 2004/38/CE
    - Income tax declaration for 2020 on tax year 2019, 2019 for 2018, 2018 for 2017 (If tax resident or attachment to France for 2 years or more
    - Extract from the civil registry or family status certificate (If you have to justify parentage (Cf. resident’s permit: cases 2 and 3))


Enrolment at UPVM3


No supporting documentation is initially required.
However, depending on your situation and your declarations at the time of re-registration, supporting documents may be required. You must upload these to PJ WEB and follow their progress: your registration will only be validated by the registration department upon reception of all the supporting documents.

  • Either through PJ WEB
    You can connect at any time with your student number and date of birth.
  • Or, via ENT, section “Follow my web enrolment”, once the account has been activated:
    Connect at any time, with student n° and date of birth.



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