Fighting discrimination

In February 2007, the University decided to extend the Mission’s impact by enlarging scope to include equal opportunities and action against discrimination.

Several objectives are targeted:

  • Promoting equal opportunities in access to higher education and student success
  • Participating in combating discrimination with students and university staff
  • Guidance and support for victims

Action aims at providing a clear grasp on campus issues; with information for staff and users, prevention of inequality and the encouragement of action on gender equality and combating discrimination.

Target public includes both UM3 staff and users.

The integrated “mainstreaming” policy, and policy for punctual action must include the management team, the different departments, professors, research centres and students and their representatives. In many cases, the projects must be launched in partnership with other universities, public institutions or local associations.

Christa Dumas
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Last updated : 04/02/2020