Disability road map

The university–disability charter of May 2012, between the MENESR, the Ministry of employment and health, the Ministry of social cohesion and solidarity and the Conference of University Presidents, as well as, simultaneously, a multi-year plan for professional integration of disabled persons, common to the ministries of national education and higher education, called on the universities to develop a policy of integration and support for disabled staff under the law of February 11, 2005. Law n°2013-660 of July 22, 2013 relative to Higher Education and Research, states in article 47 9°, that the Board “adopts the multi-year road map on disability policy, as advised by the academic council. Each year, the president presents a road map progress report to the board, along with results and monitoring indicators”, and in article 50 III, the academic Council “presents the board with a multi-year road map on disability policy, covering all aspects of disability. Following notification by the technical committee […] the road map defines university objectives to meet the obligations in article L. 323-2 of the Labour Code.”

The Disability Road Map is a multi-year action plan, covering all areas of disability during the 2018-2023 period. This formalises an inclusive policy for disability within the University. The policy covers students, teaching staff, researchers, BIATSS staff, and all contract workers. The road map sets the framework for the improvement of support and integration of disabled staff, and monitoring of measures in place. The plan includes engagements and practical action to be implemented in the next 5 years, in order that the question of disability be integrated into daily management of staff and students.


The multi-year disability road map is based on five priorities:

  • Consolidating tools for hosting and supporting disabled students throughout their university curricula, and towards professional integration;
  • Increasing coherence and clarity of training and research in the field of disability;
  • Enhancing the accessibility of university services;
  • Developing human resource policies for disabled persons;
  • Promoting transversal action for disability awareness building.


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Last updated : 04/02/2020