CROUS housing: For students in supervised mobility (Erasmus+, cooperation agreements, programmes of the English-speaking world, BCI)

Unless you have received information stating otherwise and depending on the mobility programme through which you are coming to Montpellier for a semester or a year of study, you are entitled to apply for housing within the framework of our partnership with the CROUS Montpellier Occitanie.

CAUTION: Because we have a limited amount of available stock, housing will be allocated to students on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis.

To help you navigate the CROUS platform and book your accommodation, you can consult our guide.


Please bear in mind that the following charges must be paid before you can access your room:

  • Security deposit
  • % of rental package

CROUS housing: For students in individual mobility

If you are joining our university outside of any formal mobility programme, you must apply directly to CROUS Montpellier Occitanie for accommodation in a university residence hall.

Find out more about how to do this by visiting their website: https://www.crous-montpellier.fr/demande-de-logement-annuel/

Finding housing in the private sector

Since the number of CROUS housing units is limited, you can always turn to the private sector to find housing on your own, either to live alone or to join a shared apartment.

If private sector housing is what you’re after, we recommend starting as early as possible, the housing sector is very tight in Montpellier.

The VISALE guarantee

In France, your landlord will require a security deposit. This deposit is necessary in case of non-payment. You will not have access to housing without it.

In order to help students access housing, the French government set up the VISALE system to act as guarantor.

To apply for this guarantee, click on https://www.visale.fr/

CAUTION: this guarantee cannot be presented when applying for accommodation in a CROUS residence hall, and only students under the age of 30 are eligible.

The PHARE programme

The Welcome Desk for International Students & Researchers (SAIEC) established the PHARE programme to help students find housing.

This collaborative initiative between the SAIEC and CROUS Montpellier-Occitanie offers personalised support and guidance to international students in their search for housing (vacancies, help with budgeting, legal advice, etc.).

You can also find useful links and contacts on the programme's web page (link below).

Click on: https://languedoc-roussillon-universites.fr/saiec/le-phare

Last updated : 05/10/2022