LISTiac, Linguistically Sensitive Teaching in All Classrooms



The LISTiac project aims to develop and test (future) teacher training programmes in different contexts, taking into account the linguistic and cultural diversity found in classrooms, in order to develop policies based on field experience. The aim is to offer all European pupils, and migrant and refugee pupils in Europe, the same opportunities leading to educational success.


Project duration

2019 - 2022




Project results

  • To develop concrete pedagogical proposals to be implemented in schools following the action research carried out in the field.
  • To create a reflection tool to help teachers in initial or in-service training to be more sensitive (both in terms of representations and practices) to languages in their teaching.
  • To create new pedagogical tools in a process of co-construction with all educational actors: trainers, inspectors, teachers, students, directors, principals, head teachers.


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AGREEMENT NUMBER – 2018 - 3262 / 001 - 001

Last updated : 26/05/2021