SIRIUS : Réseau européen sur la politique de l’éducation des migrants



The SIRIUS project has been consolidating training programmes for migrant and refugee audiences since 2012, and has acted as the European Union's lead advisor and expert on these issues. The European Commission is funding the SIRIUS project for the period 2017-2021, as part of the European Union's action plan to promote more effective integration policies in the education sector.


Project duration

2017  - 2021




Project results

  • Facilitation of national and regional workshops for inclusive policy making in 18 EU countries.
  • Study visits promoting transnational learning among partners and other relevant stakeholders.
  • SIRIUS Watch: A research initiative tracking changes in European policies, implementation and awareness of issues related to migrant public education.
  • Annual policy conferences to disseminate the results of the network's work to relevant stakeholders and to promote exchange and collaboration between partners.


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Last updated : 26/05/2021