Programmes Anglophones - Australie, Canada anglophone et États-Unis

Visuel programmes anglophones

Students from the United States, Canada and Australia


 Bilateral exchange studentsSpecial program

Special program
for American universities
with a resident director in Montpellier


  • Concordia University (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
  • Concordia University (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • University of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada)
  • Emory University
  • Humboldt State University
  • RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Bowling Green State University
  • Loyola University
  • Manhattanville College
  • SUNY Geneseo
  • University of Arizona
  • College of William & Mary
  • University of Technology Sydney
  • Mount Holyoke College (MHC)
  • University of Minnesota - Minneapolis (uMinnesota)
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC Chapel Hill)

Make sure to contact your resident director (primary contact):
- Corinne Dumas (uMinnesota),
- Carol Huber (UNC Chapel Hill),
- Amy Loth (Mount Holyoke).

Students from aforementioned universities,
you have access to

  • Integrated classes
  • Integrated classes and
  • Thematic courses in French (support "RI" classes)
  • Integrated classes and
  • Thematic courses in French (support "RI" classes)


  • Contact your resident director


A guide with all the important details to prepare and begin your stay in Montpellier. Please read carefully.

HOW TO ...

This will complete your application and generate your acceptance letter.
MoveOn applications must be submitted by :

  • April 15 for Full-Year and Fall applicants and
  • November 5 for Spring applicants.

Required documents must be uploaded by the same dates.

“Programmes anglophones” registration:  Click here


Our office will email you with specific information once you will have completed the MoveOn procedure and specified your intention to stay in a dorm.



  • Please note that finding accommodation can be challenging in Montpellier. It is your responsibility to find a place.
  • A 4.5 month package is proposed to students coming for a year-round or a semester-long mobility (Fall or Spring) and who request accommodation in a university residence (dorms). Payments will be made in one or two instalments per semester:
    • Students coming for a one-year mobility have access to their accommodation from August 26 to May 31.
    • Students coming for the Fall semester have access to their accommodation from August 26 and are even able to stay in the dormitories until January 15 if they wish.
    • Students coming in the Spring semester will have access to their accommodation from January 16 to May 31.
  • If you are staying in dorms, please refer to section 2 concerning Interlog.
  • You will find the rates for this "Stay package" in the Student Guide.


Please download this document (except for Mount Holyoke College, uMinnesota and UNC Chapel Hill students).

Make sure to provide us with your arrival information as early as possible.




Each semester, 5 or 6 themed courses are offered in French by UPVM3 Direction des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie - DRIF (*RI for Relations internationales).

Most courses are offered during the 2 semesters. The range of courses may change from year to year.

  • Cours de FLE - Grammaire et Méthodologie
  • Phonétique et pratique de l’oral
  • Pratique de l’écrit
  • Civilisation du Sud de la France
  • Histoire de l’Art : du moderne au contemporain (Semestre 2 uniquement)
  • Géopolitique du monde contemporain (Semestre 2 uniquement)
  • Masculin/Féminin : La société française au miroir du cinéma (Semestre 1 uniquement)
  • Problématiques et Enjeux de la transition écologique (Semestre 2 uniquement)

      ⇒ Detailed course description (in French)

      ⇒ Time schedule (in French)Semestre 1 (2024-2025) / Semestre 2 (2024-2025)

Public: these thematic courses are reserved and designed for English-speaking students enrolled in a partner university and on a bilateral fee-paying program at UPVM3.

Course duration: 3 hours per week over the 13 weeks of the semester.

Number of courses per student : Up to 4 or 5 courses per semester, for a maximum total of around 15 hours per week. Depending on the home university, some of these classes may be “required classes”.

Program durations:

  • September to May (academic year)
  • September to December (1st semester)
  • January to May (2nd semester)

Language level : Most but not all of the courses are level-based. If applicable, the level required will be checked when applying.

Validation: These courses do not grant ECTS because they are not part of a university degree. They give credits, which are generally transferred by US universities, 1 hour = 1 credit.

The final grade also depends on class attendance. If the student is absent from class or arrives late, the final grade will be lower.

Places are limited and pre-registration is required.




 must be submitted by


You have to arrive in Montpellier at the latest


 Administrative and academic orientation *


 April 15

 September 05 , 2023 

  September 7, 2023 at 2pm in room BUG


November 5

 January 23, 2024

  To be defined

* If you need help for choosing courses, we remain at your disposal in Bureau 02 (Ionesco Building)


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